The Environment

The Mining Proposal and associated Project Management Plan provide a framework for managing the environmental impacts of gold mining activities to within nominated acceptable limits.

The Mining Proposal provides for acceptable levels of environmental impact for the Project, and the associated control measures that have been developed to mitigate the impacts so as to achieve the following objectives:

Good stewardship of natural resources, consistent with safe and efficient mining practice.

  • Minimal disturbance of land.
  • Conservation of flora and fauna habitats.
  • Protection of sites of cultural and spiritual significance.
  • Confirmation of the success of impact control measures by means of monitoring and audits.
  • Compliance with all statutory requirements.
  • Rehabilitation to a stable land form and an acceptable post-disturbance land use and land capability.
  • Preservation of downstream water quality.

As a gold producer, Millennium Minerals Ltd is committed to minimising these impacts throughout the life of the operation at the gold mine and aims to rehabilitate land once operations have ceased. The Company aims to use gold ore resources in a sustainable manner, ensuring both gold exploration and production activities are undertaken to the highest environmental standards.

Millennium Minerals Ltd has systems in place to ensure all our operations reach the high environmental standards we demand and that are expected by governments, industry bodies and other organisations.